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Sandy Pipes

We are a mix of educators, health care professionals, and a few stray capitalists. Some of us work directly with at-risk teens— and all of us care deeply about improving outcomes for young people. We are also the Champs of the 2021 Gee Gees Summer League (Coed A) and, for the most part, very attractive and charismatic :)

Sandy Pipes

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REGISTRATION CLOSED! 15th Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament

About This Campaign

If you would like to add your team to the waiting list, OR register on an existing team, 

Welcome to the 

15th Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Main Street Beach, Manasquan, NJ 

10 am-2 pm

Rain date: Sunday, September 26, 2021


Raise funds and compete with friends, family, or co-workers to support one-to-one mentoring programs that ignite the power and promise of youth. Competitive and Recreational brackets keep this a fun event for all skill levels and ages! 



Form a team of 6 or more, register online, and raise $100/person ($75/student). After you register, you will be able to share your personal fundraising page online to reach your fundraising goal! Each team receives a minimum of 3 games, breakfast from Starbucks, lunch from Gee Gee's, and great giveaways

** We require that each team has a minimum of 6 players **



Trophies will be awarded to the Winning Teams in each bracket.

A volleyball signed by Littles in our programs will be awarded to the Highest Fundraising Team.


*1st Place Competitive Team wins $1,000 donated by Surf Taco*


$100 // Suggested minimum goal ($75//student)
$150 // BBBS swag
$250 // Super special gift + BBBS swag

$600 // Suggested minimum team goal
$900 // All team members get BBBS swag
$1,500 // SUPER TEAM STATUS! All team members get super special gifts, BBBS swag, and your team will be announced as a Super Team! 


*Gifts and Swag are limited and can only be guaranteed for participants that raise their total prior to August 27th*



Click the sponsor button to the right to get your company involved on a BIGGER level or contact Charleen Cucci at 732-444-3539 or

  1. Kathleen Hopcroft
    Kathleen Hopcroft gave a $50 donation
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    Kerry Lanigan gave a $104.58 donation
    Go team!
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  6. Gregory Schaefer
    Gregory Schaefer gave a $52.44 donation
    Goodluck Nick! Great cause!
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  7. Jonathan Weinrich
    Jonathan Weinrich gave a $25 donation
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    Anthony Castaldo gave a $100 donation
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    Chrissy Cabrales gave a $100 donation
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  11. Tom Hendrix
    Tom Hendrix gave a $79.33 donation
    Continuing the winning ways!
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  19. James Torta
    James Torta gave a $100 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: M. James Torta
    In memory of my dad, the best man I've ever known.
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  20. Matthew Tarullo
    Matthew Tarullo gave a $52.44 donation
    Ready to continue our reputation as 2021 GeeGee’s Coed-A champions!
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